Sponsor a Student by Donating to Their Tuition

Help members of the underserved communities in and around Buffalo, NY, realize a career in construction through a scholarship! We need $15,000 to assist students to enroll at our trade school.

Craft Technical Institute Inc (CTI) offers a 600 hr., 6-month "Weld to Work" course. Applicants must be 18 or older, have a high school diploma or GED, be in good physical condition, be able to read, write and understand English, and have average use of at least one hand and one arm, and have good eyesight.

We are deeply interested in providing quality training, especially in underserved communities, in order to fill the gap in the labor shortage. However, for many, the tuition has proven to be cost prohibitive. We want to set up a scholarship fund for motivated students who will successfully complete the program but can't afford the tuition. This course is a chance to support members of underserved communities, become practically skilled, and boost the American economy by creating a trained, skilled workforce of the future.

Donate at our Go Get Funding page. We thank you for all your donations.

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